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Greedy Geckoz

Once upon a time, there were some lazy geckos who spent most of their days drinking at the local pub. But one day, they looked around and realized that they were going nowhere in life. They saw their peers achieving success and making something of themselves, while they were just getting drunk and telling bad jokes.

They decided to put their laziness to good use and create a group dedicated to the pursuit of wealth. They called themselves the Greedy Geckoz, with a motto of "Greed is Good." But they weren't just in it for themselves. They believed that by working together and sharing their knowledge, they could all benefit from the collective wealth they would generate.

Greed, for lack of a better word, is good.

Sneak Peeks

Each Gecko is randomly generated using a total of 57 hand drawn traits.

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Meet the team.



Cofounder, Projet Manager

Experience working with teams on large scale project, Hutch's knowledge of the Agile methodology, coupled with his work ethic, helps the Geckoz work in a streamlined and focused manner.



Cofounder, Artist

Queen is an experienced artist, and an indispensable part of the Geckoz crew. An absolute workhorse that pumps out quality artwork quicker than is probably healthy.



Social Media Specialist

Cleo is our social media maestro. He brings a good work ethic and is adept at performing his assigned duties.



Web Designer

Chain Total Supply Cost Date
Solana 3500 1 $SOL May 30, 2024
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